forever and ever

try not to tear up.

lazy bonez

Summer Games 2012

A day at Balm Beach.... not included in photos: skee ball, hundreds of play tickets won and the plastic fangs acquired with said tickets, pogo's and burgers and beers and fries n gravy and the cool kids who took me there who've been going there since they were in fact a coupla cool kids (tommy and cuz em!)
the FBI wants Canadian kids to know that "Winners don't use drugs"
vodka slushies
jail bear wants out of the claw machine, he's got a few more years tho
i bet the swimwear here was great in '98
note the placement of the "joy" stick here on Robo Bop
WTF is the game

dream spaces

pretty into saloons right now.


To Be Announced shoes... sickness.


i still have a blackberry... this makes me want an iphone.


christopher pike

just looking at these covers brings a crazy nostalgic feeling.... i wonder who did the art for these covers. circa 1993-ish.