still in ♥ with you.

the guitar makes me poop my pants with enjoyment.
i don't even care.
listen to it 5 times.
and fall in love with the way phil lynot dresses. one hoop earring. ♥ him.
♥ thin lizzy.
♥ you.

i ♥ the moon

view of the earth rising over the moon's horizon.
taken during the apollo 11 mission in 1969.
places on the moon have some awesome names...
smyth's sea on the nearside, the sea of tranquility, the shackleton crater...

also, this should be on everyones bookmarks page. breaking news, from the skies!

.....and one more thing.....
pluck this in your calendar (if you live in north of south america)

phil lynot knows what im talking about.....

shit, i need to do a thin lizzy post asap.



Alexey Titarenko

..workin' on a mystery

felt so good, like anything was possible, hit cruise control, and rubbed my eyes.....

theres something good waitin down this road, and i'm pickin up whats mine....


only in new york....

...can't wait to get back
(thats a chicken...B.T.DUBS)


bakers dozen

zucchini carrot quinoa muffins....
a perfect match for the cauliflower soup i made last night.

blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce another roller in the night


my lair


cassavetes - still from "shadows"

unknown artist

arik roper

michael lau

dana lauren goldstein

peter beste

candid lohan.